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Welcome to the Z and I Emulator for Web Deployment Wizard

The Z and I Emulator for Web Deployment Wizard guides you through the steps required for creating an HTML page to which users can connect to launch a Z and I Emulator for Web client session. The Deployment Wizard has a quick and easy interface to help you configure the many available features of the Z and I Emulator for Web client.

Note Copying HTML files
You can create a new HTML file that is like an existing one by editing the existing file, making changes if you wish, and saving the new HTML file as a different file name. You can specify the new file name on the File Name and Output Format window of the Deployment Wizard. When you follow these steps, the original file does not change. Your new HTML file name will be the value you specify in the File Name field, and the file will be identical to the one you chose to edit, with any added changes you might have made.

Properties button (Help files)
If you installed the Deployment Wizard separately, rather than as part of the installation of the Z and I Emulator for Web server, then the help files were not installed with the Deployment Wizard. Use the Properties button on the Welcome page of the separately installed Deployment Wizard to specify the location of the Z and I Emulator for Web server. Otherwise, the separately installed Deployment Wizard does not display help.

Before asking you for session information, the Deployment Wizard prompts you to select which configuration model you want to use. For example, if you select the HTML-based model, you define all session information using the Deployment Wizard, and this session information is stored in the HTML file itself. If you select the Combined or Configuration Server-based models, you define your session information in the Z and I Emulator for Web Configuration Server using the Administration Utility. See Disabling functions for end-user clients.

The following is a list of some of the many features that you can configure using the Deployment Wizard:

If you are configuring options (defining sessions) using the HTML-based model, you have an additional set of options:

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