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Playing a macro

The Play macro window appears:

Macro Location:
Select a macro location from the Macro Location list. Depending on how your administrator has configured the session, possible macro locations include Current Session, Personal Library, Server Library and any user-defined libraries.When macros are placed in a library, rather than in the Current Session, they can be easily shared by multiple users and/or sessions. See Sharing and reusing component definitions for more information.

User-defined Locations:
You can use the Add... button to define up to three additional locations. When you add a fourth user location, the least-recently-used location is automatically removed. You can also explicitly delete user locations with the Delete button.

Macro List:
To select a macro to work with, click the name of that macro in the Macro List.

Customizing the "Play Macro" and "Record Macro" panels

The lockMacroSaveLocations and RemovecurrentSessionOption HTML parameters allow you to customize the Play or Record Macro panel.

Using the HTML parameter lockMacroSaveLocations allows the administrator to add macro locations to that particular Z and I Emulator for Web client. This HTML parameter takes input as a string. The value for this parameter is the location/path that appears in the Macro Location. If the administrator decides to add more than one location or path, it is a list of locations separated by semicolon. Also, if both path name and Path have to be specified, the path name should appear first and the path should be separated by a '*' character.

Using the HTML parameter RemovecurrentSessionOption allows the administrator to exclude the "CurrentSession" option appearing in the MacroLocation list. Possible values are true or false. The default value is true. If the value is set to true, "currentSession" appears in the macro Locations list. If the value is set to false, the current Session does not appear in the macro Location.

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