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Using the Macro Manager

The Macro Manager is a full-featured, comprehensive tool for creating and managing your macros. To display the Macro Manager from a host session, click View > Macro Manager.

A macro is a sequence of commands that performs actions on the host. If you regularly do the same task when you work with a host system, you can record your keystrokes and the host's reactions, save them, and then play the macro whenever you need to perform the same task.

You can perform the following actions using the Macro Manager:

  • Recording a macro
  • Playing a macro
  • Changing a macro
  • Using the Macro Editor
  • Copying a macro
  • Pasting a macro
  • Cutting a macro
  • Deleting a macro
  • Editing macro properties
  • Viewing macro properties
  • Adding a smart wait
  • Adding a prompt
  • Capturing screen data (the extract action)
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