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License Usage

By default, Z and I Emulator for Web keeps a count of the number of concurrent active clients at any given time; the Z and I Emulator for Web client is pre-configured to send usage information to the configuration server (in the Service Manager). This enables you to determine and validate the number of Z and I Emulator for Web licenses that you need, and even track the activity of individual users. To access configuration options for usage monitoring (formally called license-use counting), click on Licenses in the Administration Utility. The Licenses window also gives you the option to disable license-use counting.

If you use the HTML model of Z and I Emulator for Web and do not want to monitor license usage, you must input the Disable parameter in the Advanced Options window of the Deployment Wizard.

The number of concurrent active clients is based on a user's ID and IP address. (Because they do not have individual Z and I Emulator for Web user IDs, client users of the HTML model are represented by the generic label "HTML.") Locally installed clients are not included in this count. Any of the following combination of sessions is counted as a single use:

A license is considered to be in use from the time a session is started until it is closed, regardless of any pattern of usage during that period. If more than one session is active from the same combination of IP address and user ID, only one client is counted.

To take advantage of the license usage support with Host Access Class Library (HACL) and Host Access Bean programs, you must install a Z and I Emulator for Web server (from which the programs must be downloaded). Then define the following properties to be passed to the ECLSession constructor or Session Bean:

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