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Enabling license-use counting

Click Licenses in the Administration Utility to access the License Use Administration window. Here you can view usage statistics, adjust your license-use count configuration, and even select a log file option enabling you to track Z and I Emulator for Web activity of individual users.

License-Use Statistics
License-Use Count (configuration options)

By default, clients report to the Service Manager for license-use counting. Users of the configuration server-based and combined deployment models of Z and I Emulator for Web can disable the function in the License-Use Count area. If you use the HTML model, however, and need to disable client communications with the Service Manager (to avoid opening an extra port in your firewall, for example), you must de-activate license-use counting differently. Input the Disable parameter in the Advanced Options window of the Deployment Wizard.

License-Use Statistics

Information from the latest count is displayed when you open the License window or when you click Refresh.
Start date
The date and time that the first check was performed.

Highest number of clients logged on
The highest number of concurrent active clients since the start date, and the date and time that this occurred. The overall information is saved in a file named LicenseOverallHistory.txt in the \private directory. This file contains one entry per day showing the highest number of active clients each day since the start date and is continuously appended until it is deleted or renamed.

Highest number of clients since midnight
The highest number of active clients since midnight and the date and time that this occurred.

Number of clients at last report interval
The number of active clients when the last count was performed and the date and time this occurred. The information is saved in a file named LicenseRecentHistory.txt in the \private directory. This file contains entries for the last 12 counts.

License-Use Count

Here you specify how Z and I Emulator for Web clients send usage information to the configuration server (in the Z and I Emulator for Web Service Manager). Your input is valid whether your clients communicate directly with the configuration server, or communicate through the configuration servlet.
You must click Apply to activate any changes that you make.
Enables clients to report to the Z and I Emulator for Web configuration server. This option is selected by default. To stop clients from reporting, clear the check box. (Clearing the box automatically de-activates all License-Use Count options.)

Log Client Check-ins
Triggers a log entry for every client report received by the configuration server. The log entry content enables you to track the activity of individual users.
Each entry records: Z and I Emulator for Web writes these entries to files every twenty-four hours at midnight. It names the files according to date and stores them in the private directory.
If you want the license files stored to another directory, you can specify that with a Java system property on the line that invokes java to start the NCServiceManager. For example, to write the log files to directory /usr/lpp/ZIE/licensefiles on z/OS, you would add the following:

Clients Report to

Host Name/IP Address

Report Interval
Select the amount of time for clients to wait between reports. Clients begin using the new interval once the previous interval has expired.

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