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Tables (Administrator)

For information about allowing users to change the value of these parameters, see Parameters in the Tables group.

Show all table types
Select this checkbox if you want the user to be able to access all the types of tables listed under Show only.
Show only
Select the types of table that you want the user to be able to access in the SQL Wizard and the File Upload Wizard.
Table Filter (Administrator, Database On-Demand)
Type a comma-separated list of schema names, schema filters, table names, and table filters. This list specifies the schemas and tables that you want to appear in the List of available tables on the Tables tab of the SQL Wizard (or on the Table tab of the File Upload Wizard) after the user logs on to the database.

This filter applies only to the types of table that you have indicated in the list above that you want displayed to the user (such as Table, View, System table, Alias, Synonym, and so on). This filter does not allow a user to view a type of table that you have not enabled in the list above.

To use the default level of filtering, leave the field blank (see Default value if a list is not specified). In certain circumstances your users may encounter the error message SQL Assist Exception (see SQL Assist Exception).

For information on creating a list of schemas and tables, see Specifying a list of available schemas and tables.

This Table Filter field is one of several levels of filtering for the list of available tables (see Level 2. Table filter defined by the Z and I Emulator for Web administrator).

See Parameters in the Tables group.

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