Each bean description below is preceded by the icon used to represent the bean in most visual development environments.

BOTTOM Session
Session - This non-visual bean provides methods and properties for setting up and establishing communications with the host system. The Session bean fires events that allow listeners to be notified of presentation space, operator information area (OIA), and communication changes.
Screen - This visual bean provides the graphical interface for displaying the host data from a Session bean. The Screen bean listens to presentation space, OIA, and GUI events fired by the Session bean and interprets the events to display the main text area and the operator information area. It fires keystroke events to registered listeners, and also provides the clipboard cut, copy, and paste functions.
BOTTOM Terminal
Terminal - This visual bean combines the Session and Screen beans to provide a composite bean that encompasses both the communication with the host and the graphical interface for displaying the host data.
KeyPad - This visual bean provides a simple grid of buttons which invoke various host functions.
KeyRemap - This visual bean provides keyboard remap capability. Using KeyRemap, keystrokes can be mapped to alternate characters or directly to host functions.
BOTTOM FileTransfer
FileTransfer - This visual bean provides a toolbar interface for transferring files to and from a host.
Macro - This non-visual bean records and plays a single macro. Macro employs advanced screen recognition technology to reliably navigate host applications in any environment. Macro also provides the ability to prompt for user input and extract the following information from the screen during playback:
  • text
  • color
  • field positions and their attributes
  • extended character attributes
  • DBCS attributes for each character and field attribute
  • grid
BOTTOM MacroManager
MacroManager - This visual bean provides a toolbar interface for managing multiple macros. The MacroManager bean allows you to record, play, load, delete and edit multiple macros.
BOTTOM ColorRemap

Color Remap - This visual bean provides a simple interface for modifying the colors displayed by the Screen or Terminal beans.

BOTTOM HostPrintSession
HostPrintSession - This non-visual bean extends the Session bean and provides a simple interface for creating and customizing 3270 and 5250 printer sessions.
BOTTOM HostPrintTerminal
HostPrintTerminal - This visual bean includes the HostPrintSession bean and provides an interface for creating and customizing a 3270 or a 5250 printer sesison. At run-time, the HostPrintTerminal bean visually displays information about the status of print jobs and the connection with the host.
BOTTOM Converter
Converter - The Converter bean performs a codepage-to-codepage conversion. For the Arabic and Hebrew languages, Converter performs certain BIDI-specific transformations, including logical-to-visual transformations, visla-to-logical transformations, and Lam-Alef processing (Arabic only).