Easy method for filling in the parameters

When you are editing a String descriptor and you want to specify the correct text rectangle and text string, you can use the marking rectangle to set these values. To use this feature follow these steps:
  1. In the Descriptions tab, select the String descriptor that you want to edit.
  2. Click on the session window to activate it (see Using the session window).
  3. In the session window, go to the application screen corresponding to the macro screen that you are working on.
  4. In the session window, use the marking rectangle to mark the block of text that you want to use in the String descriptor (see Using the marking rectangle).
    • When you complete the marking rectangle in the session window, the Macro Editor automatically copies the row and column values for the corners of the rectangle into the Start Row, Start Column, End Row, and End Column input fields in the String descriptor window on the Description tab.
  5. In the session window, click Edit > Copy.
  6. In the String descriptor window, click the String field. Move the text cursor in the String field to the position at which you want to add the string.
  7. Click Ctrl-v.
  8. If you captured a rectangle containing more than one row of text from the session window, then the string requires further editing. Read the description below of how to edit the string.
When you click Ctrl-v the Macro Editor does the following:
  • Copies the text from the rectangular block in the session window into the String field.
However, if you captured more than one row of text (as in the example in How the macro runtime searches the rectangular area (Wrap option)), then the paste operation inserts an extra space after each row of text except the last. Edit the String field to remove these extra spaces. In the example in How the macro runtime searches the rectangular area (Wrap option), the String field contains the following string before editing:
'Hardcopy Transfer Outlist  Command Reserved'
Notice that the string is too long (by 4 characters) to fit in the rectangle of the specified size (5 rows, 8 columns), and that an extra blank space has been inserted after each row. You should edit the string to the following value:
'HardcopyTransferOutlist CommandReserved'