Using the marking rectangle

There are several situations in which you can use the marking rectangle to mark an area of the session window, including:
  • Marking a rectangular block of text for a String descriptor.
  • Marking the area to be captured by an Extract action.
  • Marking the area to be marked by a Box selection action.
  • Marking the area to be printed by a Print Extract action.
To mark an area with the marking rectangle, follow these steps:
  1. Drag the Macro Editor window to one side of the screen so that you can see the area on the session window that you want to work with. Then click on the session window.
  2. Click the mouse on one corner of the area of the session window that you want to mark. You should see the text cursor jump to that row and column position.
  3. Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse. You should see a yellow marking rectangle that changes shape as you move the mouse.
  4. Adjust the marking rectangle to surround the area of text that you want to capture, then release the left mouse button.
  5. The yellow marking rectangle snaps into place at the nearest character row and column boundaries.
  6. The yellow marking rectangle remains visible until you click again on the session window.
  7. If you want to mark a different area, start over with step 2 above.