Assigning the macro to a key combination

Z and I Emulator for Web allows you to assign a macro to a particular keystroke combination. To assign the macro that you just recorded to a keystroke combination, follow these steps:
  1. Click Edit > Preferences > Keyboard. The Keyboard window appears.
  2. Click the Key Assignment tab.
  3. In the Category listbox select Macros.
  4. In the list of macros select the name of the macro to which you want to assign a key, such as ispf_ex1.mac .
  5. Click Assign a Key. The message Press a key is displayed.
  6. Type Ctrl+i. After you type this key sequence, the label Ctrl+I is displayed beside the macro name.
  7. Click Save to save this assignment.
  8. Click OK to close the Keyboard window.
To play back the macro using the assigned key combination, follow these steps:
  1. Position the application to the starting point for this macro, which is the ISPF Primary Option Menu.
  2. Press Ctrl+i.
  3. The macro is played back.