This chapter describes the components that you will encounter as you use the macro capabilities of Z and I Emulator for Web. Here is an overview of the main components:
  • Macro Manager. This a broad term that refers to all the user interfaces in Z and I Emulator for Web that allow you to work with macros. The Macro Manager consists of three main user interfaces:
    • Macro Manager toolbar. This is a toolbar with icons for commonly used macro functions, such as Record a Macro, Play Macro, Edit Macro Properties, and others. See Macro Manager toolbar in this chapter.
    • Macro Editor. This is the main user interface for editing a macro script. See Macro Editor in this chapter.
    • Code Editor. This is a text editor that you lets you directly edit the XML language of a macro script. See Code Editor in this chapter.
  • Macro runtime. This is the program module that plays macros. See Macro runtime.
  • Macro object. This is the underlying Java object that provides macro capabilities. See Macro object.

The remaining sections of this chapter describe these components in more detail. The final section of this chapter defines other macro terms that you might encounter in this book.