Loading emulator clients

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Z and I Emulator for Web provides a sample HTML file of ready-to-use 3270, 5250, VT, and FTP emulator sessions pre-configured with Java auto-detection components. These sessions use the HTML-based configuration model and are provided to allow you to get Z and I Emulator for Web up and running and access your host systems quickly. For more information, refer to Configuring Z and I Emulator for Web emulator clients.
To load a Z and I Emulator for Web emulator client, a user starts a Web browser and enters in the Address field the URL of a Z and I Emulator for Web HTML file. The Z and I Emulator for Web HTML file must be one of the following:
  • An HTML file that you create with the Deployment Wizard.
  • One of several generic predefined HTML files included with Z and I Emulator for Web.
HCL recommends the first option. For more information on the Deployment Wizard, see the Deployment Wizard topic in the online help.
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If your emulator client is deployed with the configuration server-based or combined deployment model, you need to add users and configure sessions with the administration client before you can use the emulator client.
To launch HTML files generated by the Deployment Wizard, specify the full URL of the HTML file in your browser:
where server_name is the host name or IP address of the Z and I Emulator for Web server, zie_alias is the alias (or path) of the publish directory, and client_name is the HTML file name of the client. For example, if you created an HTML file in the Deployment Wizard called 3270sessions.html, you can load it by specifying a URL such as the following:

To launch a predefined HTML file included with Z and I Emulator for Web, point your browser to dashboard_xx.html file, where xx is your two-letter language suffix, to view links to all the available predefined clients. dashboard_xx.html is located in the publish directory.

When you access a client, a security warning appears to notify you that Z and I Emulator for Web was created by HCL Technologies Ltd. Users must grant Java security privileges for this session or any future sessions by clicking the appropriate buttons in order for Z and I Emulator for Web to work properly.

Note: Pop-up blockers might prevent the Java security windows and other response windows from appearing.