How the Redirector works

Figure 1 illustrates how the Redirector sends the client data to the Telnet server and sends to the client the responding data from the Telnet server.
Figure 1. How the Redirector works
top How the Redirector works
The Redirector can be configured in any one of the following four modes:

Before you use the Client-side, Server-side, or Both modes, you need to create the ServerKeyStore.jks (if configured to use JSSE) for the Redirector.

You can use the Pass-through mode when encryption by the Redirector is not necessary, either because the data stream does not need to be encrypted, or because the data stream is already encrypted between the client and the Telnet server. you need to use the Pass-through mode if the Z and I Emulator for Web client is connecting through the Redirector to a host that requires client authentication or Express Logon.

Refer to Adding a host to the Redirector in the online help for more information.