Some descriptors apply to a different active session

Again, suppose that a macro was launched by a 3270 Display session, that the macro runtime has just finished processing a macro screen that refers to this 3270 Display session, and that the macro runtime is now trying to recognize the next macro screen to be processed. Suppose also that the macro runtime is examining as a candidate a macro screen named Screen32, and that Screen32 contains 6 descriptors:
Assuming that all the descriptors are required descriptors and that none is an inverse descriptor, then the macro runtime determines that Screen32 is the next macro screen to be processed if:

In this example the process of evaluating individual descriptors is exactly the same as in an ordinary macro, except that the macro runtime evaluates the descriptors with respect to two different active session windows.

After evaluating each descriptor as true or false with respect to a particular session window, the macro runtime then combines the boolean results of the individual descriptors in the usual way (see Evaluation of descriptors).