Using the Code Editor

The Code Editor follows the same rules for encrypting an input key sequence as the Macro Editor.

The Code Editor always allows you to do either of the following actions:

You can also, while using the Code Editor, change the value of the encrypted attribute (which activates or deactivates encryption) from true to false, or false to true.

However, if you want to use the Code Editor to modify the value of the value attribute (which contains the encrypted or unencrypted input key sequence), and the encrypted attribute is set to true, then completely delete the encrypted input key sequence (so that it reads value=""), then type in the new input key sequence that you want encrypted.

Do not try to revise an encrypted input key sequence by typing over or inserting characters into an encrypted input key sequence in the value attribute! If you do, then you corrupt the encrypted input key sequence with your unencrypted revisions.