Require Response

If you select true in the Require Response listbox (the default is false) then: Thus, setting Require Response to true has the effects of reminding the end user (by displaying (required) to the right of the input field) that a response is required before proceeding, and of requiring the end user to enter text in the input field before clicking OK (by disabling OK until the input field contains text). However, if the Prompt action contains a Default Response, then OK is enabled and the default response is displayed in the input field.
If you select false in the Require Response listbox then: Thus, setting Require Response to false has the effect of allowing the user to continue processing the macro by clicking OK, even if the input field of the prompt is blank.

If the promptall attribute of the <HAScript> element (or of the <actions> element) is set to true, and you have several prompt actions in the macro (or in the macro screen) with Require Response set to true, then at the start of macro playback (or at the start of the playback of the macro screen), when the macro runtime displays all the prompt input fields in a single prompt window, the macro runtime does not enable the OK button in the prompt window until all required input fields contain text (see The promptall attributes ).