The following code fragment prompts the user for input. If the input string is the string true, the code fragment displays a message window with the message "You typed TRUE". If the input string is any other string, the code fragment displays a message window with the message "You typed FALSE". This example uses the following actions: Prompt action, Condition action, and Message action.

You can copy this code fragment from this document into the system clipboard, and then from the system clipboard into the Code Editor. Because this code is a fragment, you must copy it into a macro screen in an existing macro script. You must also create a string variable named $strData$. To create the variable, add the follow lines after the <HAScript> begin tag and before the first <screen> element:
   <create name="$strData$" type="string" value="" />
After you save the script in the Macro Editor, you can edit it either with the Macro Editor or with the Code Editor.
You should notice the following facts about this example:
Figure 1. Sample code fragment showing a Condition action
   <prompt name="'Type true or false'" description="" row="0" col="0"
               len="80" default="" clearfield="false" encrypted="false"
               movecursor="true" xlatehostkeys="true" assigntovar="$strData$"
               varupdateonly="true" />
   <if condition="$strData$" >
       <message title="" value="'You typed TRUE'" />
       <message title="" value="'You typed FALSE'" />