Installing the iSeries Toolbox for Java

The iSeries Toolbox for Java is shipped on the ZIE Host Access Toolkit DVD-ROM. It consists of a set of Java classes that enable you to write client/server applications and applets that work with data residing on your iSeries system. You can also run these applications on the i5/OS and OS/400 Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

The Toolbox uses iSeries servers as access points to the system. Each server runs as a separate job on the iSeries, and each job sends and receives datastreams on a socket connection.

The access classes provide low-level access to the following iSeries resources:

Graphical programming interfaces are available for:

The following files are located on the ZIE Host Access Toolkit CD, not the i5/OS (formerly OS/400) CD:

To install the iSeries Toolbox for Java on your workstation, unzip the appropriate files. For example, if you want to install the code and the English version of the Programmers Guide, unzip and .
top Note:
You must use a utility that supports long filenames.