Installation procedure

This section contains instructions of installing ZIEWeb in Silent Mode.

Perform the following tasks to install ZIEWeb in Silent Mode:

  1. To create a response file, record a response file using the IBM Installation Manager in wizard mode on a machine where GUI is available with the -record option. For more details, see Record a response file with Installation Manager. For example, on Windows the record of a response file displays like this:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\HCL\Installation Manager\eclipse>IBMIM.exe -record e:\recordResponse.xml 
  2. If needed, open the generated XML file in to view and edit preferences. For details on the file, refer to Installation Manager silent response file commands.
  3. To perform silent installation using the generated response file, use the imcl command-line utility provided by IBM Installation Manager. Examples on different operating systems are listed below:
    • Windows:
      imcl.exe input response_file -log log_file
    • Linux, UNIX, IBM i, IBM z/OS®, and OS X
    ./imcl input response_file -log log_file
    For more details, see Installing a package silently by using a response file.