About installing in the Console Mode

Linux, UNIX, and z/OS systems that do not support a graphical user interface (GUI), administrators can use the console-based interface of Installation Manager to install Z and I Emulator for Web.

Using console mode of IBM Installation Manager, you can work on the installation packages to complete the following tasks:

To start Installation Manager console mode, use the imcl utility available in the Installation Manager tools directory.

These installation steps cover a typical installation scenario by using console mode. During the installation session, console mode prompts are displayed specific to the package being installed. You can follow the options as they appear on the console screen to proceed with the installation.

The Installation Manager console mode interface uses these conventions:

The Installation Manager can be installed using the information given in the Installation Manager documentation Installing or updating Installation Manager.

In order to install Z and I Emulator for Web, the Installation Manager must be installed in Administrator mode. For more information about downloading Installation Manager see System Requirements for IBM Installation Manager and Packaging Utility, minimum level is 1.8.3 in order to install Z and I Emulator for Web.

For more information about using Installation Manager, refer to the IBM Installation Manager Knowledge Center.