Using Database On-Demand clients

The Database On-Demand client is a Java applet that allows an end user to build SQL statements and File Upload statements, to send these SQL statements and File Upload statements to a remote database server, and to retrieve the results of SQL queries (SQL Select statements) from the remote database server.

The user can communicate with a database server running on an IBM System i server or other platform, so long as the proper Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver is installed on the Database On-Demand client workstation. For more information refer to Obtaining and installing a JDBC driver in this manual.

Features of Database On-Demand include:

The Database On-Demand client is available only through one of three predefined client HTML files (see Database On-Demand predefined clients). You cannot use the Deployment Wizard to create a Database On-Demand client.

However, as an alternative to the Database On-Demand client, you can now use database functions in Z and I Emulator for Web emulation clients and in macros (see Database functions in Display Emulation clients and in macros).

For more information see Overview of database access in the Z and I Emulator for Web online help.

The Database On-Demand client exists in a Java version. Therefore: This Database On-Demand client can take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the Java plug-in.