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Customize Profiles

This window allows you to create a custom profile for ZipPrint. When you have created a custom profile, you can ZipPrint documents matching the custom profile by selecting File > ZipPrint > Print From Application - Auto, or File > ZipPrint > Print from Application - Select Profile.

A tutorial on ZipPrint is available in the Z and I Emulator for Web Infocenter, which is located at

Application listbox

The Application listbox allows you to select an existing profile to edit or delete.

Profile tab

This tab contains the settings required to:

Use the settings on this tab when you are creating a new profile or editing an existing profile. You can also edit any predefined profile.

Automatically updating coordinates and string values

You can have Z and I Emulator for Web automatically update row, column, and string values to reflect the location, size, and contents of a marking rectangle in the session window.

You can use this feature to update the following parameters:

To use this feature, follow the steps listed below. These steps use updating the Key Word parameter as an example.

  1. In the Customize Profiles window, place the text cursor in one of the input fields belonging to the parameter that you want to update. For example, place the text cursor in the Row field, Col field, or String field of the Key Word parameter.

  2. In the session window, use the marking rectangle to mark a rectangular block of text. For example, use the marking rectangle to mark the string VIEW THE NOTE at row 1, column 33 of the first page of a note viewed in the note log.

  3. When you create the marking rectangle, the backgrounds of the input fields for the parameter in the Customize Profiles window in which you placed the text cursor turn yellow, to indicate that these fields are affected by the marking rectangle. Also, the values for the marking rectangle appear in the input fields of the parameter.

    For example, the backgrounds of the three input fields of the Key Word parameter turn yellow. The Row field is set to 1, the Col Value is set to 33, and the String field is set to VIEW THE NOTE.

  4. As you change the size and location of the marking rectangle, Z and I Emulator for Web continues to update the input fields belonging to the parameter.

  5. To stop the automatic update, clear the marking rectangle from the session window.

Advanced tab

This tab contains macro settings that you can adjust if necessary to make the ZipPrint macro execute correctly in a particular environment.

Usually you will not need to change these settings.

Each of these settings controls the value of a macro option that is defined in the Macro Programming Guide. You should not modify one of these settings unless you understand how the corresponding macro option works.

Set Recognition Limit

The default value for this option is 10000. This single option controls two behaviors of ZipPrint:

Literally, this option refers to the number of times ZipPrint (a macro) re-performs one of the macro screens of which is it constituted before terminating. Internally, for ZipPrint, this option is the same as the Set Recognition Limit option on the General tab of the Screens tab of the Macro Editor. For more information, see the section on Recognition Limit in the Macro Programming Guide .

Timeout Between Screens

Specifies the timeout period allowed, in milliseconds, for the Macro runtime to recognize the next macro screen to be processed. The default value is 60000 milliseconds (1 minute). The Macro runtime terminates the macro when this timeout value expires.

This option is the same as the Timeout Between Screens option on the Macro tab of the Macro Editor. For more information, see the section on Timeout Between Screens (Macro tab) in the Macro Programming Guide .

Pause Between Actions

Specifies the length, in milliseconds, of the time that the Macro runtime pauses after performing a macro action. The default value is 300 milliseconds.

This option is the same as the Pause Between Actions option on the Macro tab of the Macro Editor. See Pause between Actions.


Creates a new profile. Z and I Emulator for Web prompts you for a name for the new profile. Type the name you want to use, then enter the values that you want for the new profile, and finally click OK to save the new profile.
Deletes the currently selected profile.
Saves your settings after you have created or edited a profile.
Closes the Custom Application Profile window and discards any changes that you made since you last selected a profile in the Application listbox.

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