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Sending and receiving files using Host File Transfer

Take the following steps to send files to the host or receive files from the host:

When sending a file to an MVS/TSO host partitioned data set, the data set must already exist on the host.
  1. Designate the local or host file names.
  2. Set the transfer mode.

  3. If you want to change any of the transfer options (parameters), click Options. The change applies only to the file that is currently in the Add File to Transfer List box.

  4. Click Add to List (unless you have opened an existing list, or used the Clipboard option to receive a list of VM/CMS host files). The file names and transfer mode appear in the list box. If you want to transfer several files, repeat steps 4 - 7.

  5. To transfer the files in the list, click Send or Receive.

  6. To save the list, click Save List and enter a name for the list.

    A list can be used only for the purpose for which it was created. You cannot use a send list to receive files and you cannot use a list created for MVS/TSO for VM/CMS transfers. That is because options are often specific to host type and direction of transfer.

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