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Using the Start PC Command (STRPCCMD) in Z and I Emulator for Web

Z and I Emulator for Web 5250 sessions support the Start PC Command (STRPCCMD). STRPCCMD allows you to launch an application on a personal computer that is attached to the host iSeries system. It is the only PC Organizer (PCO) function supported by Z and I Emulator for Web for 5250 sessions. STRPCCMD can be invoked directly from the iSeries command line or through the Client Access/400 Organizer menu.

To use STRPCCMD, do the following:

  1. Start a 5250 session.
  2. Log into the iSeries host system.
  3. Start PC Organizer. Enter the following command at the iSeries command line:

    Z and I Emulator for Web does not support the PC Text Assist (PCTA) function of PC Organizer. You must specify a value of *NO for the PCTA parameter.

  4. To run STRPCCMD, do one of the following:
  5. Specify the full path name of the application  (for example, C:\winnt\notepad.exe) at the PC Command prompt. 

    Note: You cannot directly execute MS-DOS commands (such as DIR, DATE, and TIME) with STRPCCMD.  However, on the Windows 2000 and Windows NT platforms, you can use the cmd.exe application to run these commands.   For example, to run the DIR command, specify the following at the PC Command prompt:

    c:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe /c start DIR
  6. Specify whether the computer should pause after running a command. Enter one of the following:
    The computer pauses after running the PC command, then returns to the iSeries session. If the PAUSE parameter is set to *YES, Z and I Emulator for Web waits for the PC process to complete and is blocked until the process exits. Z and I Emulator for Web waits for the parent process to complete even though the PC process executes a child process.
    The computer returns directly to the iSeries session.