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Export public key

Use OpenSSH Format

The Export Public Key utility is integrated with the SSH configuration panel. The utility will search for a key alias in a key store, using all of the following information:

The path and file name of the output file in which the public key is to be stored. The default path is the path specified in the Java system property user.home. The default file name is For example, on a Windows client platform the default path and file name might be:
c:\Documents and Settings\username\

Allows you to browse for a destination path and file name for the destination file.

Use OpenSSH format
Identifies the format to be used in exporting the public key. If this checkbox is checked then the OpenSSH format will be used. Otherwise the SSH Public Key File Format will be used. If you are not sure which format to use see your system administrator.

Exports the public key to the specified destination file in the specified format.

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