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Z and I Emulator for Web services

Use the Z and I Emulator for Web Services window to manage Z and I Emulator for Web services. This window shows the status of each service, the status of the trace option for each service, and lets you view the server's message and trace log. You can also refresh the view to see the current status of each service.

The following services are available:

Starting and stopping a service or trace

To start and stop a service or trace:

  1. Highlight the service.
  2. Click the Start/Stop Service or Start/Stop Trace button (depending on which service you are starting or stopping). The Start service and Start trace buttons alternate between start and stop. For example, if you click the Start Service button to begin a service, this same button automatically changes to Stop Service.

To see message or trace information created by the Redirector, click Server Log. To make the log easier to read, copy the information to the clipboard and paste it into a file.

Tracing the Service Manager

Click Service Manager Trace to display the Service Manager Trace window.  

Trace Active
To turn tracing on, click Yes.  To turn tracing off, click No.
Trace Level
Set the Trace Level by selecting a value from 1 (collects only critical messages) to 3 (collects detailed trace information). 

Click OK to start the service manager trace. The trace status and trace level remain the same across Service Manager starts and stops.