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Printing a screen

There are two ways to print the session window of a display emulation session:

When you print host graphics (that is, a picture or a bitmap image) the image is scaled. Therefore the aspect ratio of the printed image may be different than the aspect ratio of displayed image.

The rest of this online help file covers the following topics:

  • Issues with Unix-based operating systems
  • Disabling the printing of a marked area (for administrators)

    Issues with Unix-based operating systems

    The Print Screen function does not work on the AIX platform due to a browser JVM problem on AIX.

    Missing Unix lp command
    Menu/Toolbar fix

    Missing Unix lp command

    The Print Screen function of Z and I Emulator for Web uses a programming interface provided by Java, which does not work on some Unix-based operating systems, such as Linux. The implementation of the programming interface uses the Unix lp command, which is not available on some Unix-based operating systems.

    Following is the workaround for this problem:

    1. Log into the system as a superuser.
    2. Open a terminal session to input commands from prompt.
    3. Change directory to the directory where lpr command is stored. Typically, it is /usr/bin. If this is so, type
       cd /usr/bin
    4. Create a symbolic link with the ln command. Type
       ln -s lpr lp
    5. Log out.
    6. Log in to the system as a user and start a Z and I Emulator for Web display session.
    7. Click File > Print Screen.
    8. Delete the string specified for Banner Page Title. By default, it is specified like Print Screen.
    9. Press OK.

    Menu/Toolbar fix

    If the Z and I Emulator for Web Print Screen menu and toolbar option does not work on your Unix system when the output is directed to a printer, you can do the following:

    1. Select Print Screen from the menu bar or tool bar of the session.
    2. Select to send the output to FILE and enter a file name.
    3. Use the Unix LPR command to send the file to a network printer. The command syntax is LPR -Pprinterqueue filename, for example, LPR -P51pcl /home/usr.txt.

    Disabling the printing of a marked area

    Normally a user can print a marked area of the screen by following these steps:

    1. Use the marking rectangle to mark an area of the screen (see Marking and unmarking).
    2. To print the area immediately, click File > Print Screen; or
    3. To collect an image of the area and store it in the list of screen images, click File > Print Screen Collection > Collect Screen. Z and I Emulator for Web saves an image of the entire screen, but prints only the marked area. See Using Print Screen Collection to capture part of a screen.

    You can disable the printing of a marked area, so that the entire screen is printed (or collected). When you disable this option, Z and I Emulator for Web always prints or collects the the entire screen, even if the user has marked an area using the marking rectangle.

    To disable the printing of a marked area, set the HTML parameter markedAreaPrintingEnabled to false in the Deployment Wizard or in your client HTML page. In your client HTML page, add the parameter as follows:
    <PARAM NAME=markedAreaPrintingEnabled VALUE=false>.

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