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Opening Keyboard, Popup Keypad and Toolbar configuration components

You can open keyboard, popup keypad, and toolbar definitions from two different locations:

The current keyboard, popup keypad, and toolbar definitions in your session are selected by default.

In order to open a keyboard, popup keypad, or toolbar definition file, it must have been previously saved to a drive (shared or local) to which you have access.

Possible ways to receive definition files include the following:

The default save location for keyboard, popup keypad, and toolbar definition files is the ZIEWebObjs subdirectory. The file field on the Toolbar File Options-Open, Popup Keypad File Options-Open, and Keyboard File Options-Open windows is already populated with the path to this subdirectory, which depends on your platform and level of Java.

If you saved your files to a different location than the default ZIEWebObjs directory, you can either manually type the full path in the file field or browse to that location. If you manually type the file name in the field and do not specify a .kmp extension for keyboard definition files, .pmp for popup keypad definition files, or a .bar extension for toolbar definition files, Z and I Emulator for Web will append the file extensions to whichever file you select. For example, if you select file.txt to open a toolbar definition, the new file is called If the file name is already when you select it, the file name will not change.

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