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The following problems have been encountered with Z and I Emulator for Web running in a Turkish language environment:

Z and I Emulator for Web does not work with Java 2 browsers with Sun JREs if locale is set to Turkish

The Z and I Emulator for Web applets may not function properly for users who are running Java 2 browsers and Sun JREs and who have their workstation locales set to Turkish. Common symptoms include session icons not displaying on the Z and I Emulator for Web desktop and security exceptions appearing in the Java Console.

Users can avoid this by using the IBM Java 2 JRE. See Z and I Emulator for Web Java 2 plug-in available for Windows clients.

Java programs on AIX do not fully support Turkish national characters

Z and I Emulator for Web in Netscape 4.x on AIX, Turkish national characters may not display correctly or may appear corrupted when entered into a text entry field. However, copying the file from the /zieforweb/ZIEWeb/samples/fonts/AIX directory to the /usr/netscape/communicator/program/java/classes directory will improve the appearance of the national characters.