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In Central and Eastern European language environments such as Greek and Czech, you may have to modify files in order to display all national language characters correctly on the screen. Several files are bundled with the Java 2 SDK. You can find these files in the directory ../lib, which is located beneath the directory where Java is installed.

For more information, please refer to the technote titled "Editing files in Z and I Emulator for Web," which is available on the Z and I Emulator for Web support page at under Hints and Tips.


The following problems have been encountered with Z and I Emulator for Web running in the environment of a European language:

Euro symbol copy and paste

When you copy the Euro dollar symbol to the clipboard, it may display incorrectly because the proper fonts are not installed. You must install new operating system fonts to display new symbols, such as the Euro dollar.

Character display with Netscape 4 for Windows (European Languages)

With Netscape 4, it is not possible to display correctly the characters of some European languages, such as Turkish, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian, Czech or Greek. This is because of a deficiency in the JVM.

To solve this problem, sample font-properties files are provided in the C:\Program Files\HCL\ZIEForWeb\ZIEWeb\samples\fonts\win32 directory; you should copy the appropriate files into your netscape\communicator\program\java\classes directory (after packing up the original files).