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Making server certificates available to clients

The following is a summary of the steps required to make a certificate available to download clients that connect securely to the Redirector or any other telnet server.

  1. If the clients connect to a server, obtain a copy of the server's certificate. The Redirector's certificate can be extracted directly when created or received in Certificate Management.
  2. Add the certificate to the certificate container, CustomizedCAs.jks (if it exists) or CustomizedCAs.class.
  3. Make CustomizedCAs.jks or CustomizedCAs.class available to clients.

  1. For JSSE, the type of truststore and keystore must be in Java KeyStore(JKS) format. When using JSSE (Use JSSE option set to Yes) CustomizedCAs.jks file is used by Z and I Emulator for Web, to trust the certificate of the server certificate during TLS handshake.

When you have finished working with certificates, you must configure the Z and I Emulator for Web clients to use SSL.

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