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Editing macro links

Allows you to select the order of the defined screens.

To change the order of the defined screens:

  1. Click Macro Manager on the toolbar.
  2. Select a macro from the list.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click the Links tab and select a screen from the Screen Name list.

For each screen, the Links tab shows which other screens are Valid Next Screens. This limits what screen definitions the macro will use when identifying subsequent screens. For example, after identifying Screen1 and performing the defined actions, to identify the next screen that appears, the macro will only compare it to the Valid Next Screens for Screen1. Only screens in the Valid Next Screens list can be a "match". By limiting the set of screens that the macro uses to identify the next screen, this lessens the chance of having multiple "matches" for screens with similar identifiers. By default, when Macro Manager records a macro, for a given screen, the following screen will be the only Valid Next Screen.

All of the screens defined in the macro are listed in the Screen Name list. Select a screen from the Screen Name list. To identify the valid next screens for this screen, choose the screen from the Available Screens list. Click the right arrow to move the screen to the Valid Next Screens list. To remove a screen from the Valid Next Screen list, select the screen and click the left arrow to move the screen back to the Available Screens list.

The Timeout value is the time to wait between screens. The value you set for a screen here overrides the value set for all screens on the Macro tab.

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