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Server Macro Library

Server macro libraries allow the administrator to create and maintain a central repository of macros for users to access from their Z and I Emulator for Web sessions. These macros are not downloaded to the user's machine until they are needed. Also, if changes are made to a server macro, users automatically get the updates the next time they access the macro.

Server macro libraries can reside either on the Web or on a shared drive. Macro libraries that reside on the Web are read-only for users. However those on a shared drive may be readable and writable, depending on the user's directory access rights. For both Web and shared drive macro libraries, it is possible to control which macros in the library are available to particular Z and I Emulator for Web sessions. More detailed information about server macro libraries is available for administrators in the section Creating and deploying server macro libraries in the Planning, Installing, and Configuring Z and I Emulator for Web guide.

Check the box beside 'Use a server macro library for this session' to enable the server macro library capability for this session. Once you check the box, you can select either of the following server macro library locations:

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