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Available macros

The Available macros window appears when you click the "Select a macro" button on the Macro Manager toolbar.

Macro Location:
At the top of the window, select a macro location from the Macro Location list. Depending on how your administrator has configured the session, possible macro locations include Current Session, Personal Library, Server Library and any user-defined libraries. When macros are placed in a library, rather than in the Current Session, they can be easily shared by multiple users and/or sessions. See Sharing and reusing component definitions for more information.

User-defined Locations:
You can use the Add... button to define up to three additional locations. When you add a fourth user location, the least-recently-used location is automatically removed. You can also explicitly delete user locations with the Delete button.

Macro List:
To work with a macro, click the name of that macro in the Macro List. (Notice that macro names are case-sensitive, whether they are stored in the current session or as a file in a macro library. For example, mymacro is a different name than myMacro, Mymacro, MYMACRO, and so on.)

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