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Setting up and using LDAP

Before you can use LDAP, you must:

  1. Select an LDAP directory
  2. Install the Z and I Emulator for Web schema extensions
  3. Create a suffix to store Z and I Emulator for Web configuration information
  4. Create an administrator distinguished name and password

To set up and use LDAP:

  1. Click Directory Service in the Administration window.
  2. Check the Use Directory Service (LDAP) checkbox.
  3. Specify the LDAP Directory Information.
  4. Optionally, select Migrate Configuration to Directory Service.
  5. Click Apply.

After you click Apply, the Z and I Emulator for Web server attempts to connect to the LDAP server using the information you provided. If communication to the LDAP server cannot be established or if the LDAP administrator does not have the required privileges within the specified Z and I Emulator for Web suffix, the process fails. An error message then appears that describes the problem. After correcting the problem, click Apply again. A status message appears at the bottom of the Directory tab when the new directory settings have been successfully applied.



If you select Migrate Configuration to Directory Service, migration will be attempted when you click Apply. A dialog box with a progress indicator will appear while migration is being performed. To cancel migration, click Cancel; migration will stop after it finishes processing the current user or group.

Migrating to LDAP has significant implications for your group and user configuration information. Make sure you understand these implications before you migrate.

Note: To improve response time for LDAP login, refer to LDAP parameters for instructions on using the constrain parameter.

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