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3270 Printer session

In a 3270 Printer session the Z and I Emulator for Web client emulates an IBM 3287 printer connected to a host in an LU Type 1 (SCS) or an LU Type 3 session.

To configure a 3270 Printer session, right-click the session name or session icon and then click Properties.

Note You do not have to specify an LU type in the 3270 Printer session configuration. The LU type is configured at the host system. The Z and I Emulator for Web client automatically detects the LU type when the session starts.

The information that the host sends to a 3270 Printer session can be directed either to a printer (local or network) or to a file.

On Windows platforms, Z and I Emulator for Web can use the native printer drivers provided by the workstation native operating system. On other platforms, Z and I Emulator for Web uses a printer definition table (PDT) to format data and send it to the printer as text and printer commands. A PDT can also be used on Windows platforms, but the native printer drivers on Windows platforms provide closer integration with the operating system. For example, with the native printer drivers, you can choose a specific system font used for print jobs.

PDTs provide great flexibility because you can customize them to produce the printed output you want without modifying the host application. PDTs also provide better printing performance than using the native printer drivers on Windows platforms. A PDT is customized by changing a printer definition file (PDF) and then compiling.

If you are using a Z and I Emulator for Web client downloaded from a server, the PDT needed for a printer session is stored on the server and downloaded with the client. If you are working with a locally-installed client, the PDT is stored on the client workstation.

For more information, refer to the Host Printing Reference.

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