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Storing session configurations and user preferences locally

If you choose the HTML-based model or the Combined model in the Deployment Wizard, session configuration information and user preferences are stored locally on users' machines. If you use the HTML-based model, the session configuration information will initially be obtained from the HTML file. If you use the Combined model, the session configuration will initially be obtained from the configuration server.

Diagram of configuration information and user preferences

Users are able to run sessions using the default configuration that you define. Users can modify this default configuration according to personal preference. These personalized changes are stored on users' local machines separate from any default session configuration information (assuming you gave them permission to save changes in the Deployment Wizard). When you change the default configuration, users will automatically receive updates without losing any personalized changes. If you lock a particular session property, you will override any changes the user may have made to that particular property.

Where information is stored

The location where local preferences are stored is based on client platform, browser, browser JVM level, and Z and I Emulator for Web version. The chart below shows the location where Z and I Emulator for Web stores the local preferences based on these parameters.

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