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Browser Independent ZIEWeb Clients

This window contains the types of Browser Independent ZIE for Web Clients:

ZIEWeb Lite Client
ZIEWeb Desktop Client

Z and I Emulator for Web supports the following type of Browser Independent ZIEWeb Client :

  1. ZIEWeb Lite Client

  2. ZIEWeb Desktop Client

    The HCL ZIEWeb Desktop Client is the new Z and I Emulator for Web (ZIEWeb) client which can be installed on all supported client platforms for ZIEWeb. Instead of using a system JRE, the ZIEWeb Desktop Client comes with its own JRE, which loads the ZIEWeb desktop faster. This can be used to connect to a ZIEWeb server and can also work as a Stand-alone application.

    For more information on ZIEWeb Desktop client, see HCL ZIEWeb Desktop Client.

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