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The following problems have been encountered with Z and I Emulator for Web running in a Korean language environment:

No monospaced fonts in Korean 5250 and 3270 sessions

To avoid this problem on Microsoft Internet Explorer, edit the Windows registry.

  1. Type regedit on the command line.
  3. In the Edit String window, change Courier to the Korean font (GulLimChe: 3 Korean characters).
  4. Click OK.

Korean DBCS with Netscape 4.7.2 on AIX

Due to a platform limitation, you cannot input Korean DBCS on a Z and I Emulator for Web client running Netscape 4.7.2 on AIX.

Incorrect font with Internet Explorer 4.0 on Windows NT

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 does not specify the correct font for Korean. You can fix this by replacing the data for the Courier font with Gulimche (written in Korean) in the following registry entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Java VM\Font Alias\Courier

Korean and Traditional Chinese with Netscape 4.06
on Windows NT and Windows 98

Traditional Chinese

On Korean and Traditional-Chinese Windows NT, with Netscape 4.06, some characters may not be displayed in the host-session screen at all, or the wrong characters are displayed and the screen looks corrupted. This happens because the font used to display characters is not selected correctly, probably because the font-properties file is incorrect.

You might be able to solve this problem by installing the latest version of Netscape 4.06; if not, workarounds are available as follows:


  1. Go to Netscape's \program\java\classes directory.
  2. Back up the file.
  3. Modify the file as follows to change the definitions for the Monospaced font from:
       monospaced.1=Courier New,ANSI_CHARSET
       monospaced.1=Courier New,ANSI_CHARSET
Traditional Chinese
  1. Go to Netscape's \program\java\classes directory.
  2. Back up the file.
  3. Modify the file as follows to change the definitions for the Monospaced font from:
       monospaced.1=Courier New,ANSI_CHARSET
       monospaced.0=Courier New,ANSI_CHARSET
     and change:
     and change:

If these workarounds do not work completely:

  1. Back up the or files.
  2. Copy the font-property files from Sun's JDK 1.1.5 to Netscape's program\java\classes directory.
    Note: do not use the files from the JDK 1.1.6.

Even with the 1.1.5 JDK, the 3270 or 5250 broken-bar character does not display.

Last interim Hangeul is not displayed

Because of the way the JVM composes Korean characters and the timing involved, typing "rkrk" sends only one Korean character to Z and I Emulator for Web to be displayed instead of two.

This is a limitation of the JVM.

Japanese Yen and Korean Won appear as backslashes (\) on Japanese and Korean Win32 browsers

Because of a JVM problem, the following double-byte characters appear as backslashes (\):

Euro symbol is not displayed by Adobe Reader 5.x

When you view an Adobe PDF file that was created as the output file of a 3270 Printer session running on the Korean version of Z and I Emulator for Web, occurrences of the Euro currency symbol (Unicode 20ac) in the PDF file will not be displayed.

The workaround is to use another print output format than Adobe PDF.

The scenario referred to here is:

In this scenario when Z and I Emulator for Web creates the Adobe PDF file, it specifies the following settings:

The above CID and CMAP file are in the Adobe Asian font pack for Korean (ar5kitkor.exe) used with Adobe Reader 5.x.

This CID file and CMAP file do not include the Euro currency symbol.

Consequently, when you view the PDF file with Adobe Reader 5.x using the Adobe Asian font pack for Korean, the Euro currency symbol will not be displayed.

Euro symbol is not displayed correctly on a Windows client using code page 1364

In a Windows NT, Windows 98, or Windows 2000 client, using code page 1364, the Euro symbol is not displayed correctly due to the restrictions of fonts in Windows.

Auto Input Method Editor (IME) does not work on Korean Windows with Java 1

The Auto IME function on Korean Windows works with IBM Java 2.

Auto IME and Korean Windows XP issues with Java 2

Using the Korean version of Windows XP, you may experience the following situations while moving focus between the Z and I Emulator for Web session window and a browser window:

When using the IBM Java 2 plug-in :

When using the Sun Java 2 plug-in version 1.3:

You can avoid these situations by using either the IBM or the Sun Java 2 plug-in version 1.4.

Auto IME does not accept DBCS alphanumeric input

In Z and I Emulator for Web versions 1.0, IME is coded to automatically transform all DBCS input into Hanguel (to fulfill a Java requirement). For sessions requiring DBCS alphanumeric input, you must disable IME Auto Start in the session properties Language window.

Refer to the Z and I Emulator for Web support page at for more information.

IndexOutOfBoundsException with Korean Netscape browsers during file transfers with an iSeries

When using a Korean Netscape browser during iSeries file transfers, you might see the error message "ECL0261:java.lang.Array.IndexOutOfBoundsException." This is an issue with the JDK and has been fixed in JDK 1.1.7b and higher. This error does not occur while using Internet Explorer.