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Changing certificate settings

Each certificate is encrypted with a password. To change the password:

  1. Click Communication > Security.
  2. Click Show Client Certificate.
  3. Locate the certificate and type the current password.
  4. Click View Certificate.
  5. Click Settings.
Current Password
Type the current password for the selected certificate.

New Password
Type the new password for the selected certificate.

Confirm New Password
Type the new password again.

Encryption Strength
Strong or Weak
Certificates exported from older browsers are usually weakly encrypted. Certificates exported from newer browsers or Certificate Management are strongly encrypted. This makes them more secure from unauthorized access, but they cannot be imported into most older browsers. Use strong encryption when the certificate will be accessed over the Internet with an unsecure protocol, such as http or ftp. Certificates accessed using https, ftps, or from the local file system do not need to be strongly encrypted. Use weak encryption only when the certificate is not accessed with an unsecure protocol and must be imported into an older browser.

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