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Adding a prompt to a macro

A prompt is a popup window that appears during macro playback and that requests information from the user.

The prompt popup window contains text, an input field, and three buttons (OK, Cancel, Help). The text solicits information from the user (for example, "Enter a user ID:"). Typically the user types characters into the input field (such as "myuserid") and then clicks OK. The macro runtime then reads the text from the input field, removes the popup window, and types the same text into the session window beginning at a particular row and column location that you specify.

You can add a prompt to a macro either automatically during macro recording or manually by creating a prompt action in the Macro Editor.

To add a prompt automatically during macro recording:

  1. Start recording using the Macro Manager.
  2. When you get to the point at which input is required, click the Add a Prompt icon.
  3. Fill out the fields in the Add a Prompt window. For more information see Adding a prompt during macro recording.
  4. Click OK. You are then asked to type the information required. You must type whatever entry is required to make the host application continue as usual.
  5. Click OK when you have finished.

To create a prompt action manually in the Macro Editor, open the macro with the Macro Editor, select the Actions tab of the Screen tab, and click <new prompt action>. For more information see Editing macro screens: Actions (Prompt).

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