New functions in Z and I Emulator for Web Version 2.0

The following functions and enhancements have been added to Z and I Emulator for Web Version 2.0:

Performance Improvement
When connecting to hosts using a secure connection, HCL Z and I Emulator for Web uses JSSE APIs to find connections that have data to be read from. Due to a limitation in the current JSSE implementation, Z and I Emulator for Web code cannot reliably differentiate the connections that have data pending to be read, from those without. This was causing significant performance degradation when the number of connections are more. As part of performance enhancements in this version, Z and I Emulator for Web code has been re-designed to read host data as soon as it is received, making sure that the connections are not blocked. This change significantly improves the performance of data transfer between the client and the host.
Update of default TLS for DCAS connections
For DCAS connections, version of TLS defaults to TLS 1.2 protocol. If the host does not support TLS version 1.2, the connection falls back to a lower supported version.