The ignorepauseforenhancedtn parameter of the <HAScript> element, when set to true, causes the macro runtime to skip Pause actions (<pause> elements) during macro playback if the session is running in a contention-resolution environment. You can use this attribute if you developed a macro to run in a non-contention-resolution environment (you inserted Pause actions) and you now want the macro to also run in a contention-resolution environment without unnecessary delays (you want the Pause actions to be ignored).

With this attribute set to true, the macro runtime processes Pause actions (waits the specified number of milliseconds) in a non-contention-resolution environment but ignores Pause actions in a contention-resolution environment.

Notice, however, that setting this attribute to true causes the macro runtime to skip all Pause actions (<pause> elements) in the macro, not just the pauses that have been inserted in order to time for the application screen to be updated. The next subsection addresses this secondary problem.