NOTE: This sample requires Microsoft Excel or IBM DB2.

This sample macro reads transaction records from the CICS transaction amnu, which is a very small sample database, and writes the records into an Excel spreadsheet or IBM DB2.

The files for this sample are stored in the following directory, where <install> stands for the Z and I Emulator for Web installation directory, and where xx stands for your language id (such as en):
The files in this sample are the following:
  • amnu.mac, amnudb2.mac

    These are the macro files. The first one is for use with the Excel spreadsheet. The second is for use with DB2.

  • amnu.xls

    This is the Excel spreadsheet.

  •, EditDB.jar is a Java source file containing source code for the EditDB class. The macro uses the EditDB class to write to the spreadsheet or database. EditDB.class is compiled with Java 2 and stored in the EditDB.jar. EditDB.jar is a Java 2 JAR file.