Optional boolean (the default is false). If this attribute is set to true then the macro runtime, before performing any of the actions inside the <actions> element, collects user input for any <prompt> elements inside the element. More specifically:
  1. The macro runtime searches the <actions> element to find any <prompt> elements that occur within it.
  2. The macro runtime displays the prompts for all the <prompt> elements immediately (all the prompts are combined into one popup).
  3. The macro runtime collects the user input for all the popup windows.
  4. The macro runtime now performs all the elements in the <actions> element as usual, in sequence.
  5. When the macro runtime comes to a <prompt> action, it does not display the popup window for user input, but instead performs the <prompt> action using the input from step 3 above.

The promptall attribute of the <HAScript> element performs the same function for all the <prompt> elements in one macro (see <HAScript> element).