Specifying an attribute

Before you specify an attribute, use the Data Plane listbox to select the data plane in which the attribute that you are looking for occurs. If you select <Expression> then you must specify an expression (such as a variable named $strDataPlane$) that resolves at runtime to one of the data plane strings in the listbox (FIELD_PLANE, COLOR_PLANE, or EXFIELD_PLANE).

Use the Row and Column input fields to specify the Row and Column location on the application screen of the attribute that you are looking for.

You can use any one of three methods to specify an attribute value:
  • Click the session window and move the text cursor to the row and column location of an attribute like the one that you want specify in the Attribute descriptor, then click Current in the Macro Editor; or
  • Click Edit Attributes and use the controls on the popup window; or
  • Type the value into the Attribute Value input field (for example, 0x3).