Inserting a delay after an action

Because the macro runtime executes actions much more quickly than a human user does, unforeseen problems can occur during macro playback that cause an action not to perform as expected, because of a dependency on a previous action.

To avoid this type of problem, the macro runtime by default inserts a delay of 150 milliseconds after every Input action or Prompt action in every macro screen, and a delay of 300 milliseconds after the last action of every macro screen (see Pause Between Actions (Macro tab)).

You should leave this feature enabled, although you can disable it if you want. You can change the delays from 150 milliseconds and 300 milliseconds to other values.

If you want to change the duration of the delay for a particular macro screen, you can do so (see Set Pause Time (General tab of the Screens tab)).

Also, for any particular action, you can increase the delay by adding a Pause action after the action (see Pause action (<pause> element)).