Valid next screens

When a host application has displayed an application screen in the session window, and a user input has occurred, then usually only a few application screens (frequently just one) can occur next.

In the example scenario, the current macro screen is Screen1, the current application screen is the ISPF Primary Option menu, and the input is '3' plus the enter key (see Table 1). In this context, only one application screen can occur next, the Utility Selection Panel. Therefore the name of only one macro screen needs to be added to the list of valid next screens: Screen2.

But wait a minute, you say. The ISPF Primary Option Menu has about 30 different possible inputs (15 options, 6 menu selections, and 8 function keys). There should be 30 names of macro screens on the list, not just 1.

The reason that the list of valid next screens usually has only one or a few names on it is that the macro is executing a series of instructions that are aimed at accomplishing some specific task. In Screen1, the instructions are aimed at getting from the ISPF Primary Option Menu to the Utility Selection Panel. The necessary actions have been performed to make this transition occur ('3[enter]') and the macro screen is now just waiting for the expected application screen to appear.