The <custom> element allows you to invoke a custom Java program from inside the <actions> element of a macro screen. However, you must use the separate ZIE Host Access Toolkit product.

Here is an overview of the process:
  1. Suppose that you have a Java program that you want to invoke as an action during the processing of a macro screen's <actions> element.
  2. In the Code Editor, add the following line to the <actions> element at the location at which you want to invoke the custom Java program:
    <custom id="'MyProgram1'" args="'arg1 arg2 arg3'"  />
  3. Follow the instructions in the MacroActionCustom class of the ZIE Host Access Toolkit product. You will create a class that implements MacroCustomActionListener. The execute() method will be called with an event when the macro runtime performs the <custom> action in step 2.