Interacting with more than one session

A macro can interact with display emulation sessions other than the display emulation session that launched the macro.

This feature makes it easier and quicker for you to pass data between different host applications, or to pass data from two or more host applications to a single workstation application. For example:
  • A macro can collect data from an application in a 3270 Display session, use the data to interact with an application in a 5250 Display session, and then return to working with the 3270 Display session.
  • A macro can collect data from a VT Display session and a 3270 Display session and then launch a workstation application to process both sets of data.

Before this feature was available, you could do tasks similar to these, but not as easily nor with as much automation. You needed a separate macro for each host session, you had to manually launch each macro, and you had to manually synchronize the macros, waiting for one macro to complete a work product before you launched a macro that depended on that work product.